The global media economy is undergoing profound transformations. Hastened by the disruptive power of the Internet, we are witnessing the disaggregation of traditional news and documentary forms. Audiences for online platforms, digital formats and mobile content are growing, and the appetite for news and information is increasing. Yet the circulation of established newspapers and magazines in Europe, North America and even Asia are, with few exceptions, declining. That decline, fuelled by the imploding print advertising market, has crippled economic support for new visual stories. At the same time new media startups offer different venues for publication, traditional media companies have begun to use the full array of formats for reporting and storytelling, corporations and non-governmental organisations have become their own media producers. Perhaps most significantly, the people formerly known as the audience have embraced the ease of digital technologies to make and share their own content globally. These articles analyse the transformations and their implications.


Photo credit: iStockphoto.

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