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Grants for new visual stories: who provides them?

The photography world is full of awards, grants and competitions. Many of these reward work already done.

But where do you go if you want funding for a new project? Who will fund a visual story you are planning but have not yet commenced?

On a new grants resources page I have collected a range of funding opportunities that meet two basic criteria. The first is that they provide grants specifically for new visual projects (this means grants like the OSI Audience Engagement Grant is not included because it excludes the shooting of new work). The second is that they have an open application process, meaning they do not depend upon prior selection (as in the case of the Magnum Emergency Fund, which uses a group of nominators to invite 100 applicants).

I have identified more than 20 funding organisations to start with. On the Grants page you can click on the links to go to those organisations for further information, including the deadlines for the next round of applications.

If you are aware of other funders, please either add them via the comments or contact me directly, and I will update the list.

Photo credit: cobalt123/Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license