I’m interested in all forms of visual storytelling (documentary photography, photojournalism, multimedia journalism, you name it). I’ve examined the disruption in the media economy and how it transforms the visual economy. And I have a long-term commitment to understanding international politics. My ethos has always been to question assumptions, provide the context, consider effects, and explore future options. On this site you will find all my writing and productions organised into seven topics, along with a full archive of the articles.

In recent times I’ve researched “The Integrity of the Image” report and directed the Multimedia Research Project for World Press Photo, taught “Media and War” as the A. Lindsay O’Connor Professor in Peace and Conflict Studies at Colgate University in New York, lectured on the MA International Multimedia Journalism at Beijing Foreign Studies University, filmed and produced “Home,” a series of videos for the West End Refugee Service in Newcastle, produced Laygate Stories in collaboration with Peter Fryer, written for TIME Lightbox among other photography publications, co-hosted and produced the Multimedia Week podcast, and served as the Secretary to the World Press Photo General Jury for the 2014 and 2015 contests.

How did I get to this intersection of the visual, multimedia, and politics? I began my career as a press secretary and speech writer to an Australian senator, before completing a PhD in International Relations. For the past twenty five years I’ve taught visual culture, geography, politics, and multimedia journalism at universities in the United States, Australia, Britain, and China. Although I worked freelance between 2010 and 2016, I retained university links as Visiting Professor in the Northern Centre of Photography at Sunderland University in the UK, and Honorary Professor in the School of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Queensland in Australia.

My work has always been concerned with how people and places globally are represented. In addition to the nearly 200 posts on this site, I’ve written or edited six books and published more than 60 articles and essays. I’ve also curated and researched three large visual projects (Atrocity, Memory, Photography: Imaging Famine; The Visual Economy of HIV-AIDS). Since becoming fascinated with how new digital tools have reshaped the way we produce and distribute work, I have acquired audio and video editing skills, embraced social media, and become a practitioner too.

In January 2016 I took up a new challenge as the Director of Communications and Engagement at the World Press Photo Foundation, based in Amsterdam, where I currently work full time.

Photo credit: Elena Campbell