New year, new professional direction


I’m thrilled to announce that in the new year I am embarking on a new professional direction. On 4 January 2016 I will be starting work as the Manager, Communications and Marketing, for the World Press Photo Foundation. It is a full time position based in Amsterdam, leading a team dedicated to developing the foundation’s activities.

Since June of this year I have been working as a consultant to the foundation, as part of the team overhauling the photo contest, and I wrote a reflection on that process for LensCulture.

When the position of communications manager was announced in late September I thought long and hard about whether to apply. I have loved my freelance life since leaving full-time academia in 2010, but the chance of working for an organisation so central to the future of photography and visual journalism was something I could not pass up. For me it was both a return to where I started my working life, in communications, and an extension of my passion for photojournalism. So I submitted a formal application and went through the multiple rounds of interviews with the managing director, the human resources manager, and other staff. Last week I was offered the position and have now agreed my contract.

These are exciting times for the World Press Photo Foundation, as was made clear with the recently announced plans for an online channel that will help provoke and lead debate on the vast range of challenges for visual journalism in the new media economy. My energies will of course now be focused on those tasks so won’t be writing here for a while, though I’ll continue my social media activity where it’s consistent with my new responsibilities.

This also means – because the Secretary of the World Press Photo Contest general jury must be an independent figure, and not an employee of the foundation – that David Griffin has been appointed to that role for 2016.

I am still contactable through this web site, where the contact form goes direct to my personal email.

Now, though, it’s time for a short Christmas holiday before the work begins!

4 Responses to “New year, new professional direction”

  1. John McDermott

    Congratulations. A great choice, by you and by them.

  2. Stuart Elden

    Congratulations David – sounds a really interesting opportunity.

  3. Luca

    Congratulations to you and to WPP. An excellent choice. Looking forward to future collaboration. L

  4. Claire

    Congratulations David! This is a fantastic opportunity and you are an excellent choice! All the best


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