World Press Photo multimedia research project: video interview


A year ago I delivered and presented the World Press Photo multimedia research project report entitled Visual Storytelling in the Age of Post-Industrial Journalism

In this interview with D.J. Clark for the World Press Photo Connected Learning project (which we did in the CCTV studios in Beijing where we teach on the MA in International Multimedia Journalism) I talked about the major themes of the multimedia research report,  which I think are more relevant than ever.

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  1. Ruth Miriam Cohen

    Visited your website and watched the interview after hearing Alian De Botton’s Lecture on ” News”.
    Lots to think about. Our need for news is a question of amazing human proportions! Why do we need ” news ” is I guess more his invitation. The role it has in the various cultures around the world. Yes, even the Royals down under news serves a mighty need of many publics across the globe!

    Best to you



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