Transformations in image capture: the 2013 Luma/Bard conference in Arles


This is an opportunity for a “student or emergent professional” to join me at a major international conference on “rapid changes in technologies of image-capture and the channels of communication.”

The conference is hosted by the Luma Foundation, and will take place in Arles (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur) on 19-22 September 2013.

The 2013 conference is the second event of an on-going Luma Foundation conference series. It is organized by the Center for Curatorial Studies and the Human Rights Project at Bard College, New York.

The 2013 conference follows their July 2011 conference in Arles on “The Human Snapshot.” There, a group of 18 scholars and artists surveyed the radical challenges to which humanism and universalism have been subjected in recent years, and investigated the ways in which they continue to subsist today, whether in response to or in denial of these challenges. The book that resulted from that gathering will be published by Sternberg Press and will be launched at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in April this year.

Having constructed a frame in which the richest implications of the intersections between human rights, photography, and concepts of universalism could be considered, the 2013 Luma/Bard conference at Arles will ask “how the rapid changes in technologies of image-capture and the channels of communication in recent years transform the very terms of knowledge and its production, morality, law, and civic engagement. In other words, the September 2013 conference looks to examine more precisely the circuits of distribution that historically and currently govern the flow of images and ideas and, no less, now shape our discourses.”

The conference will take place in both French and English, and will be fully documented, in anticipation of a second collective volume.

I have been asked to nominate a student or emergent professional who in my view would benefit from attending the conference. Travel and accommodation will be covered for this person.

I will submit my nomination on Friday 8 March, so if you would like to be considered, contact me ASAP via the form on this site, detailing briefly how you would both contribute to and benefit from this opportunity.

Photo credit: Webtreats/Flickr


Thanks to those who responded to the invitation. I’m happy to say that Ruben Salvadori will be attending the conference.

Ruben is working on a new project that fits well with the conference theme. As he wrote,

I am developing a collaboration between two of the major Italian photo editors, 8 talents of documentary photography and a multinational technological partner. The aim is to create a platform where the professional photographers will showcase the backstage of their long-term projects by providing an insight of their creative process, shot through mobile devices. The idea is to radically interlace this with social media in order to have an active input from the audience and break down the wall between a photographic elite that decides what a good photo is through awards and publications and a public that passively observes.