The Back Catalogue (1): Representing ‘Africa’


Welcome to “The Back Catalogue,” the first in an occasional series of themed posts…

I’ve been actively writing online for nearly three years now, and one of the challenges of the blog format is how to keep old posts with content that is potentially still relevant from slipping off the radar. And because this site combines my research with the blog, an additional challenge has been how to make blog readers aware of other content that might be of interest.

To address that I am identifying a number of key themes from what I’ve published over the last couple of years, pulling together posts and articles that deal with each theme. The second post in the series deals with photojournalism in the new media economy, while the third covers representations of atrocity, conflict and war.

Here, starting with the oldest, here are items dealing in various ways with the visual representation of ‘Africa’.



Salgado and the Sahel: Documentary Photography and the Imaging of Famine,” in Rituals of Mediation: International Politics and Social Meaning, edited by Francois Debrix and Cindy Weber (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2003), pp. 69-96

Geopolitics and Visual Culture: Sighting the Darfur Conflict 2003-05,” Political Geography 26: 4 (2007), 357-382.

The Visual Economy of HIV/AIDS as a Security Issue, 135 pages, research report for the AIDS, Security and Conflict Initiative, May 2008.

“‘Black Skin and Blood’: Documentary Photography and Santu Mofokeng’s Critique of the Visualization of Apartheid South Africa,History and Theory 48 (4) 2009, 52-58.

(with Marcus Power) “The Scopic Regime of ‘Africa’,” in Observant States: Geopolitics and Visual Culture, edited by Fraser Macdonald, Klaus Dodds and Rachel Hughes (London: I.B. Tauris, 2010).

The Iconography of Famine,” in Picturing Atrocity: Reading Photographs in Crisis, edited by Geoffrey Batchen, Mick Gidley, Nancy K. Miller, Jay Prosser (London: Reaktion Books, in press, forthcoming 2011).


Imaging Famine (2005)


UPDATED 10 April 2012

Photo: globevisions michele molinari, Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.

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