The Visual Economy of HIV/AIDS seeks to address a series of questions:

1. How has HIV/AIDS generally been pictured since the emergence of AIDS in 1981?

2. What are the features of the HIV/AIDS security problematic that set the parameters for the way the issue could be pictured? For example, are the main regions of concerns, projected infection and mortality rates, along with the social effects and security consequences of the pandemic, represented in contemporary photographs?

3. How has HIV/AIDS as a security issue been pictured in recent years? To what extent is sexual violence considered part of the visual securitization of HIV/AIDS?

4. What is the gap between the security problematic of HIV/AIDS and its current visualization?

5. To what extent does the photographic portrayal of HIV/AIDS picture something specific to the pandemic, or to what extent does it reproduce the established iconography of African disaster?

6. What recommendations for alternative photographic practices can be made to encourage a better visualization of HIV/AIDS?

Both the written report and this site contain six main sections that address these questions. The first four sections each conclude with specific questions for the photographic practice of visualizing HIV/AIDS since 2000 that arise from their particular concerns.

Section 1 details the debate about the securitization of HIV/AIDS since 2000;

Section 2 surveys the general representations of HIV/AIDS since the virus was first noted in the early 1980s;

Section 3 reviews studies of the media coverage of HIV/AIDS since 1981;

Section 4 analyzes the photographic visualization of HIV/AIDS between 1981 and 2000;

Section 5 examines how the photojournalism of The New York Times and The Guardian pictured HIV/AIDS between 2000 and 2007 in the wake of the securitization debate, and explores the work of selected documentary photographers and photojournalists who have undertaken special projects on HIV/AIDS since 2000;

Section 6 details the main findings and lists recommendations for photographic practice;

Section 7 contains the full Bibliography and links to further Resources.