The Photojournalistic Visualization of HIV/AIDS:
Selected photographers

This project has reviewed the work of a number of photojournalists and documentary photographers who have done long-term projects on HIV/AIDS. Some of the output of Gideon Mendel, Don McCullin, James Nachtwey, Tom Stoddart, Pep Bonet and Brent Stirton is analyzed in section 5 of the report. There are many other photographers world-wide who have worked on this topic, but this selection of individuals were prominent in the publications and organizations reviewed in the report.

There are on-line sources where some of the work of some these photographers can be seen. By clicking on the names of the photographers below, you will be able to follow the links to these sources.

Gideon Mendel

Don McCullin

James Nachtwey

Tom Stoddart

Pep Bonet

Brent Stirton

Torben Eskerod