The Securitization of HIV/AIDS

Starting in February 2003, The Guardian organised much of its coverage of HIV/AIDS around the story of Grace Mathanga, a 30-year-old Malawian who is HIV positive, and the way her situation was part of a network that included politicians, scientists, industry leaders and doctors.

Grace Mathanga’s story was detailed in a series of supplements and articles illustrated with a variety of photographs. These images and the thinking behind them is analyzed in section 5 of the report.

The text of these articles is available on-line via the following links:

“Saving Grace,” The Guardian, 18 February 2003

“Saving Grace” [Leader], The Guardian, 18 February 2003

“Saving Grace, possibly,” The Guardian, 24 February 2003

“Saving Grace,” The Guardian, 13 March 2004

“One small miracle brings hope to thousands threatened by Aids,” The Guardian, 16 February 2004

“Saving Grace – September update,” The Guardian, 27 September 2004

"Saving Grace Foundation,” Guardian Unlimited, July 2007

“Return to Grace: A special report on Aids in Africa,” The Guardian (G2), 24 November 2005 . The photographs that accompanied this story were taken by Martin Godwin and are available in a gallery.

Another feature of The Guardian’s coverage was their regular use of photo essays and stories produced by Gideon Mendel. These projects are detailed in the next section.