The Securitization of HIV/AIDS

Media Coverage of HIV/AIDS 1981– 2002

Coverage of HIV/AIDS in the US media has declined since the late 1980s, and this has coincided with a decline in research into media representations of HIV/AIDS. And of those studies done on the subject, none have offered an extended analysis of the photographic representations of HIV/AIDS.

This section of the project reviews the available studies of US media coverage since 1981, calling attention to some of the major themes – the identities, subjects and regions covered – as well as changes over time in the reporting. This establishes the parameters within which the photojournalism of HIV/AIDS, as a particular component of media coverage, should be considered.

For an extended discussion of these issues, read Section 3 of the report.

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Flowers being placed…in the midst of the names of victims at the National AIDS Memorial Grove in San Francisco (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images), 2 December 2003.