The Securitization of HIV/AIDS
Dr. David Marumo, studying an X-ray at a hospital in Jwaneng, Botswana, is heartened by new developments in AIDS treatment (Joao Silva for The New York Times), 8 May 2001.

Representations of HIV/AIDS 1981 –

Since its origin the representation of HIV/AIDS has included the medicalized engagement (directed at drug users and men who have sex with men), the somatic engagement (where the virus was sexualized and linked to moral judgment) and the internalized engagement (which concentrated on the need for individuals to behave normally and responsibly).

How, then, has the desire to contain, bound and distance disease in these ways been photographically represented? Have photographs of HIV/AIDS done more than replicate colonial stereotypes, particularly in relation to Africa?

For an extended discussion of these issues, read Section 2 of the report.

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