Atrocity, memory, photography: imaging the concentration camps of Bosnia – videos

The first five videos below are discussed in the two part-article Atrocity, Memory, Photography. In addition to the name of the main reporter and the title of the segment, the caption for each video gives the footnote numbers from part 1 where the videos are referenced. There are also three additional ITN news clips on the Bosnian camps that are not discussed directly in the articles.

Tim Ewart, News at Ten (“Detention Camps; World Media Reactions”), 7th August 1992 – note 1.

Penny Marshall, News at Ten, 6 August 1992 – notes 5, 59, 92.

Ian Williams, Channel 4 News, 6 August 1992 – notes 5, 59.

Ian Williams Live 2-Way (interview with Dermot Murnaghan), 6 August 1992 – notes 35, 59.

Penny Marshall, News at Ten (“Bosnia Herzegovina: Camp Revisited”), 12th August 1992 – notes 64, 92, 96.

Penny Marshall, Interview for News at Ten, 6 August 1992.

Caroline Kerr, News at Ten (“Ashdown Visits Refugee Camp” [Manjaca]), 11 August 1992.

Penny Marshall, Interview for ITN lunchtime news, 6 August 1992.