This site contains a wide range of information and research on visual storytelling, photography, multimedia and politics. I engage in both production and analysis, and the analysis proceeds in terms of criticism. But criticism is much more than a negative approach – check out this post for what I mean by criticism. Here is a guide to where the information and research is located on this site and how to access it.
  • The three ‘callouts’ near the top of the home page direct you to important projects
  • The blog publishes up-to-date analyses. Featured posts are visible via the slider at the top of the home page
  • The home page lists the six most recent posts, including the featured posts
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  • For a complete chronological listing of all posts since this site began in early 2009, go to the Blog
  • The pages (Photography, Multimedia, Politics) describe my research projects and productions over the years, with links to that work, including many downloadable PDFs of the articles and essays
You can search for topics in various ways. There is a search box in the site header that covers both pages and posts. The tag cloud gives you access to posts on particular topics. You can receive updates in various ways. My Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook streams carry updates on new content, and you can subscribe via the social media icons in the top menu. You can also receive email updates by entering your address into the dialog box on the right of each page. Speaking of comments…I welcome engagement with the ideas presented here. All first-time comments are moderated, which means there can be a slight delay in them appearing on the site if I happen to be travelling, busy or asleep. The purpose of moderation is to weed out the spammers, deny space to the very few who post personal abuse, and keep the discussion in line with the overall ethos – critical discussion backed up with evidence. In the two years I’ve been online 99% of all submitted comments have been accepted, so I operate moderation with a very light touch, and look forward to your contribution. Finally, a statement about copyright: Many images on this site have been purchased from copyright owners. However, this site also contains images and excerpts the use of which have not been pre-authorized. This material is made available for the purpose of analysis and critique, and images on this site are viewable for educational and intellectual rather than commercial purposes. They are used to¬†advance the understanding of visual storytelling, photography, multimedia and politics within the spirit of ‘fair dealing’ and ‘fair use’ for the purpose of commentary and review. If any copyright holder is unhappy about the use of their images in the discussions on this site, please contact me and I will of course comply with any take down request. If any reader is¬†interested in using any of the pictures shown on this site they must first contact the copyright owner. As for the content, largely text, of which I am the sole author, I make this available under the terms of a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license. Thanks for your interest in this work, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions.