Sabina Park…sweet

February 9, 2009 · by David Campbell · sport

When Sky ran this advertisement for their cricket coverage in the weekend papers…

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they didn’t realise how right they were…

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It was sweet…England 51 all out at Sabina Park…sweet indeed.

5 Responses to “Sabina Park…sweet”

  1. the message from sabina park is clear enough and worth reflecting on in more walks of life than sport: never, ever underestimate your opponent. perhaps, more accurately, never, ever assume your own superiority. with chris gayle in charge not only are we witnessing the rebirth of west indies cricket, but the rebirth of cool.

  2. Who was it that said England now resembles a fat, overweight boxer trying desperately (and failing) to make a come back? Perhaps they were referring to Flintoff? But Simon is right, this resonates in many walks of life. Methinks the ‘England Cricket Fan’ is a new subjectivity worth studying for its unique combination of delusion, shame and bullishness.

  3. not to be pedantic, but that’s the off-stump…

  4. It could have been worse – it could have been against the Aussies


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